Okay, ladies and gentlemen, let’s make some percentage of other people’s money! Some ideas for advertising on our blog…

Spreading the Word

Everybody knows about Ticketmaster, but there are other concert ticket websites, like Stub Hub, that could probably use some visibility. Propose to them that we write an editorial expounding upon the plus-side to buying through them rather than someplace else, for a fee.

Befriend the Giant

Everyone uses Amazon, and if only we could get them to come to us first and THEN click over there, we could get a percentage of their sales. Let’s blog about music – whole albums or a band or even just one really awesome single, and provide a link to the corresponding product on Amazon. We could convince people to buy the music, or – if they are not convinced – they could end up buying something else and we would still get a piece of that.

Merry Christmas

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra puts on a KILLER concert every Christmas season. There are lasers, there’s fire, an orchestra, and of course screaming guitars. The point is that the spectacle is visually exciting as it is aurally, and we could use that for the blog. They might like to sponsor our blog for the upcoming event, just a month or two, with a special TSO-themed skin, and a banner, and side-ads. To the side, a roll-over ad that plays “Mad Russians’ Christmas.” The skin? The fire effect of the finale of their show, or some of the guitarists. There are a lot of possibilities.

Music Lovers DO Love Music

What about Apple? Sell them some ad space up top in which to advertise iPods. Or, if they’re too well-off, some other mp3 player provider might be interested in increasing their visibility. Radio listeners hardcore enough about their music to visit the station blog also probably have a HUGE collection of personal tunes that they do not like leaving at home. Ready-made customers for them, and some money our way, too.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Last, why not sell ad space for upcoming classic rock concerts? It’s an interesting phenomenon that there is still an audience for the old rockers, but it is kind of hard to reach them. The frontmen of these bands do not make the paper much anymore, you know? So maybe there is a need to get the word out about a Rush concert, and radio ads aren’t enough. That’s where we come in.

Some of these are stronger than others, but I think at least one or two of them could be extremely lucrative.