Bri McG here again, this time with less-than-awesome news. Yesterday our master of music here at WCUS – Tara Horan – gave an interview on her career in the industry, during which she made an off-handed but negative comment about Dutch people. Her statement follows:

“I am deeply sorry for what I said, knowing that I probably offended some of our fans. My job is to serve our listeners, to make them happy, and I know that in this case I have failed. Most unfortunate of all is the reality that, when I speak for myself, I speak for WCUS. I should have known better than to make such a comment, and I only hope that – if you must take offense – you take offense with me as an individual and not the station, not these people who love music and love sharing it with you.”

All we can say is that we are sorry, folks, and it is true. We have agreed as a team to undergo some sensitivity training here at WCUS, and we hope that you’ll bear with us as we grow. As our visibility grows, it gets harder and harder not to step on the toes of others, but we will do our best. You deserve it.