I feel like I should have a microphone. And be standing. In reality, I’m sitting and I have a sandwich. But let’s do this anyway:


Bri McG and the Pillsbury Dough Boy

My name is Bri McG, and I will be your guide in all things blog for Syracuse’s new radio station, WCUS – where we play the classic rock you love as well as the new gems that took the best of the oldies into the present. We’re talking everything from Queen to The Ark, from Jethro Tull to Modest Mouse, from The Beatles to… to… Okay, nobody sounds like The Beatles anymore. Drop your weapons.

All Hail the Queen

And don’t be fooled by my youth, folks. My iPod is full of Freddie Mercury, and Justin Bieber is conspicuously absent. I respect rock n’ roll – the really good stuff – and you can expect that discerning and focused taste from me as readily as you can from WCUS.

We’ll play you a song off this album OTHER THAN “Float On.” (Not that “Float On” is a bad tune – but you’ve heard it enough.)

But you already know what the radio’s for, so I guess you’re wondering why we have a blog?

It’s More than the Music

The music is great, but what about those things we do in between? Don’t you like it when a DJ interviews your favorite band, or talks about something fun and asks listeners to call in an opinion? Unfortunately, those interviews can’t go on too long, and of course not everyone gets through to speak their minds. That’s one thing the blog will be for: extended audio or video clips of interviews, Q&A’s, and continued banter from you folks in the form of comments on a post that mentions whatever silliness went on in the studio that day.

Battle of the Bands

In March, we’re getting in on the madness on the blog. We’ll put the bands in the brackets, and you vote on each round through polls to determine the BEST classic rock band, or best new rock band, or best rock band, period.

Helping the Home-Grown (Jukebox) Hero

Finally, we want to use this blog to further expose local talent, beyond just letting them play a track or two late on a Wednesday night. We can do better than that for our own. We want to link you to their blogs, their music, post their album art, and let you stream or download their work.

That’s just a little taste, and there will be more as we hit a rhythm. Oh boy – music joke was completely unintentional.