Studying to be a librarian has made me more aware of the Internet, not less. To say the least, it is in a state of flux. As changes come, the success of my library blog will depend on my ability to adapt. Let’s discuss the punches time will pull, and how I’m going to roll with them.

No More Spiders. 

It seems that Google is no longer content to use mindless crawlers to determine site relevance to search queries, which means that actual content will matter more than keyword counts or links. It means the date on which I posted something will affect its ranking in a search, too. I cannot just write one post on ideas to turn reluctant readers into lifetime learners (What IS it with me and alliteration lately?) one time and leave it at that.

So what’s the plan?

Well, to everything there is a season, and I’ll have to find a time to annually discuss such issues. Why not address this at the beginning of kids’ summer vacation, when parents are staring down a list of summer reading lists? That will be more than current; it’ll be timely.

Motion Picture > 1000 Words.

Maybe video posts seem contrary to a library’s goals, but there’s no denying the impact of video clips online. Cling as we do to the great written word, others don’t.

The plan:

Let’s kill two birds with one stone, simultaneously jumping into the world of video blogging and dispelling that awful stereotype of the unapproachable librarian.

This one. Right here.

I suggest booktalking (that is, describing book plots in an appealing way in order to pique the interest of patrons) on the blog, by video. Not only that; we could post tutorials on how to search a library OPAC, or effectively use a database.

Public Servant with a Cause

Blogs are becoming platforms for activism, where bloggers who are popular have some power to spread the word about important issues.

My Suggestion:

Use this blog to fight censorship! Feature banned books during banned book week, of course, but that’s just beginning. I should be blogging about every issue of censorship as it comes up in current news, starting a discussion with library patrons online and giving my two cents. A library’s blog should advocate for free speech, and loudly so, online just as it does within its walls.