This week, I bring to you an interview with the blog mistress Kat of I Like to Think I’m Funny on the current state of gaming. Her responses to my questions follow, covering her start as a gamer, her feelings on console wars, and the once-and-for-all dismissal of FarmVille as even remotely comparable to Harvest Moon.

But I haven’t yet addressed her most interesting response, as far as this blog is concerned. Kat says that the shift from graphic-heavy gameplay, after ages of text-based RPGs and puzzle games, doesn’t bother her. She has a really good point. I’m thinking specifically of Valkyria Chronicles (the first one – nobody talk to me about that obnoxious Avan kid) when I say that today’s games have the potential to be BEAUTIFUL.

Best game I’ve played in ages, by the way…

Still, when I was growing up my mother was okay with me gaming because she could see that all of the dialogue had really archaic (and thus, big) words. It was like reading, with some dragons and people with weird hair thrown in. Now, not so much. I wonder, is that a bad thing for kids?

And I’m not even talking about the heavy violence in games now: it doesn’t matter what the text was traded FOR, just that it was traded… or so I feel. What do you think? Were games ever a link to reading for kids, or am I nuts? What about now?