The Internet is full of opinions, and last week I gave you mine: the best characters in YA fiction. In case you’re looking for similar lists, to jump-start your summer reading or to flesh out your library collection, I’ll point you in the right direction.

The Broke and Bookish blog does this weekly meme called Top Ten Tuesday. Basically, they post a prompt for a literature-related top ten list, and anyone who wants to can particpating by making the appropriate list and posting it on their blog. This meme is largely responsible for the links coming your way.

YA Yeah Yeah‘s top picks.

Love YA Lit – There’s some love for Charlie, of Perks of Being a Wallflower, in this list!

I Swim for Oceans – This list goes from Mr. Darcy to Sirius Black. Impressive.

Kate Hart – This one is really two lists: best female AND best male characters in YA.

Lambda Literary – This one’s a top ten list specifically for best characters in LGBT books. This is perhaps the most important niche of YA books right now, so check this out.

And last of all, what happened to this list by the Atlantic Wire? Most of those are children’s books, not YA. You’d think the two genres would be clearly separate by now.

With what choices do you wholeheartedly agree? Disagree?