Well, Juliet, names are important. They’re representative of something else, and a good one will seem interesting and be easy enough to recall when necessary. You have to make a good first impression, and that’s what’s in a name. You know, Capulet, your name’s not without its icky connotations, either – don’t go blaming everything on Montague.

But anyway, down to business. For Bill’s little cupcake shop in Syracuse, my inclination is to go descriptive. His company is not so grand that it necessarily has a recognizable brand and, of course, bills.com is already taken. Billscupcakes.com is as well, but if he hyphenates he can use bills_cup_cakes.com. This should be easy enough to remember with a little in-store publicity. The website itself can be titled just “Bill’s,” or “Bill’s Cup Cakes.” He could turn the separation of the word “cupcake” into a quirky brand thing, making the hyphens necessary for the URL into something that works for his business. If he can’t, that separation of “cupcake” is a hurdle to be jumped.

There is already a fangfilms.com, so that’s out for the film company. Instead, why not be evocative? But itsgotfangs.com is taken, too. Its_got_fangs.com is free, though, and that’s what I would choose. It says something about the quality of the films, making them sound edgy and exciting. The name itself could pull in some interest for a company that doesn’t get as much publicity as the ones who produce films for theater release. I would call the website “It’s Got Fangs” as well, and again – I would try to use the spacing in the URL to the site’s advantage. Maybe the artwork for the website could suggest full stops after each word – halting and dramatic. “It’s. Got. FANGS.” Or something like that. The hyphens are unfortunate for ease of remembering the URL, but it’s not the worst thing in the world.

For Happy Pup Doggy Daycare, let’s use 1happypup.com. With just the addition of the number, we stumble upon an available URL, and the number’s doing double-duty: it suggests that, in utilizing the website, the customer is going to make his or her pet’s life a little more pleasant. This was my second choice to minesahappypup.com, which is unfortunately taken. The website should be called “Happy Pup Doggy Day Care,” though, because at the end of the day that’s the name of the place. This could create some confusion, but using the actual business name just wouldn’t work so well as a URL.