What do the CEO of Starbucks, John Cage, and a guy who likes hockey a lot have in common? PRECIOUS LITTLE, so they probably shouldn’t use the same platforms for their blogs.

For Mr. Moneybags I would suggest a stand-alone platform, like WordPress of the .org variety. Per his namesake, I assume he’s got the cash to throw down on the creation and maintenance of his virtual property. Plus, he’s got a brand to represent, and for that he needs the design of the blog to be original and the URL to be uncluttered.

What would John Cage do, if he were here? Probably start stacking pie plates on piano strings, but what if he needed a way to showcase that particular strain of eccentricity? Tumblr sounds like a good idea – lots of opportunity for connecting to others, and an emphasis on the visual.

And Stephan (That’s what I named hockey-guy.)? Ohhh, can I say Twitter? Stephan’s got to be able to comment fast and frequently about the game as its unfolding, and 140 characters supports a sort of impassioned brevity, and a link every now and again. But I bet sometimes he’ll want to rant, and Twitter’s no good for that… Why not link back from Twitter to a Blogger account for those interested in in-depth analyses? That way the occasional tangent does not disrupt the immediacy of the essential news items.